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BRIN researcher: Indonesians don't need many political parties

Tempo - July 13, 2022

Antara, Jakarta – Siti Zuhro, a researcher from the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), said Indonesian citizens expect political parties that truly fight for the interests and aspirations of the people.

"Indonesians don't want many parties, but rather quality ones to accommodate people's hopes," said Siti in Jakarta, Tuesday, July 12, 2022.

According to her, the emergence of new parties ahead of the general election does not necessarily attract people to cast a vote.

"It is evident from the fact that people do not immediately shift [to a certain political party], Golkar already has traditional voters, PDIP has solid support. New parties do not have this market share," she added.

Ideally, Siti argued that a new party should not suddenly join the election after making a declaration. New parties emerging ahead of the 2024 general elections include Gelora Party, the Labor Party, the Ummat Party, the Pelita Party, the Prima Party, and the People's Party.

Political parties as a forum for the selection of national and regional leaders must carry out enough political campaigns, such as disseminating the party, its vision and mission, as well as programs.

This should be done continuously before the election as a form of community involvement in the political process. "It should be carried out in the long term, until the peak in the general election, regional election," Siti explained.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1611569/brin-researcher-indonesians-dont-need-many-political-partie