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Indonesian man drags daughter's alleged rapists to police station

Coconuts Jakarta - June 9, 2022

A man in Medan, North Sumatra is seeking justice for his daughter by dragging her alleged rapists to the police station.

According to reports, the man, identified by his initial M, caught three men raping his 14-year-old daughter at a fertilizer warehouse on Tuesday.

"I followed the trail to my daughter [to the warehouse]. Once there, my daughter was being raped by three men who are actually our neighbors," M said yesterday evening at the police station.

M then apprehended the three men and put them on the back of his pickup truck.

During the journey to the police station, one of the alleged rapists admitted to M that they had raped his daughter several times before.

The latest reports say M and his family are at the Medan City Police HQ awaiting charges against the alleged rapists. Police confirm that an investigation into the case has been launched.

Source: https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/indonesian-man-drags-daughters-alleged-rapists-to-police-station