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Palembang man goes to police, reports having been sold fake marijuana

Jakarta Post - March 30, 2022

Rimar Andhika, Jakarta – A video showing an unidentified man in Palembang being questioned by police after reporting having been sold fake marijuana went viral on Tuesday. The video made the rounds on social media after being uploaded on Instagram by the account @palembang_bedesau according to Kompas. The Instagram account no longer exists.

The events in the video took place on Monday according to Palembang Police Narcotics Head Police commissioner Mario Invanry, who confirmed the video's authenticity, as quoted by detiknews on March 29. Mario added he was surprised the video had suddenly gone viral.

In the video, a man wearing a green jacket and sweatpants is sitting while being questioned by a police officer. "Open it," says a policeman while laughing as the man opens a newspaper filled with leaves.

"Yes, I gave [Rp] 50,000 Pak, (but) I was given this. We work as motorcycle taxi drivers," explains the man to police.

The man says that he was reporting it to the police as he felt he had been "scammed".

"We came here to make a report," he says.

"Is marijuana a drug?" asks the officer."Yes," says the man. Someone else can be heard asking whether or not the man knew if he was allowed to use marijuana and shortly after someone else asks how many times he had taken drugs. "Only once" answers the man more calmly.

The identity of the man has not yet been confirmed, however, according to Police Comr. Mario, after further investigation the man had been found to be unwell.

"He wanted to report it to the SPKT [Integrated Police Service Center]. After we investigated, it turned out he had mental health problems," said Mario, on Tuesday.

Source: https://www.thejakartapost.com/culture/2022/03/30/palembang-man-goes-to-police-reports-having-been-sold-fake-marijuana.htm