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Papuan activist Victor Yeimo formally indicted on charges of treason in Jayapura

CNN Indonesia - February 21, 2022

Jakarta – Papua activist and West Papua National Committee (KNPB) international spokesperson Victor Yeimo was formally indicted on charges of treason at the Jayapura District Court in Papua on Monday February 21.

The court hearing was registered under Case Number 376/Pid.Sus/2021/PN.Jap which was forwarded to the court on August 9, 2021. The preliminary hearing to read out the charges was held today after being postponed on several occasions since last year.

Announced on the Jayapura District Court Case Information Tracking System (SIPP), it stated that Yeimo has been charged under multiple articles and alternative charges.

In the first indictment, he is said to have committed makar (treason, subversion, rebellion) with the intent that [Papua separate from] the territory of Indonesia. This was committed together with others convicted and jailed in a separate case in 2020, namely Agus Kossay, Buchtar Tabuni, Fery Kombo and Alexande R Gobay.

"At a time which is not known exactly around 2008 up until August 29, 2019 or at the very least at a time between 2008 and 2019", read the indictment as quoted from the SIPP website on Monday.

In the second indictment, Yeimo is alleged to have committed criminal conspiracy to commit the crime of makar. In the third indictment, he is alleged to have tried to mobilise people to commit the crime of makar.

"(Second indictment) criminal conspiracy to commit the crime of makar", read the indictment.

Then finally, Yeimo is said to have allegedly committed a crime in public verbally or in writing by inciting people to commit violence against the authorities.

In the SIPP, it explains that the public prosecutor in the case is named Adrianus Y Tomana.

The next hearing will be held on February 25 and is scheduled to hear the defendant's demurrer or objections to the charges from the defendant's lawyer.

Yeimo was arrested by police in Jayapura in May last year after being on the police's wanted person's list (DPO) since 2019.

The arrest was because Yeimo called for a referendum on Papuan independence during anti-racism protests which ended in riots in Papua and West Papua provinces in 2019.

He is alleged to have committed crimes against state security or makar.

Yeimo was also indicted using the articles on insulting the national flag, language, state symbols and national anthem or incitement to commit a crime. (mjo/wis)

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was "Kasus Kerusuhan Papua, Jubir KNPB Victor Yeimo Didakwa Makar".]

Source: https://www.cnnindonesia.com/nasional/20220221175159-12-762068/kasus-kerusuhan-papua-jubir-knpb-victor-yeimo-didakwa-maka