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Indonesian parents keeps daughter's corpse for two months in hopes she will come back alive

Malay Mail - January 14, 2022

Anne Grace Savitha, Petaling Jaya – An Indonesian couple from Central Java have shocked social media after keeping the corpse of their daughter in their house in hopes that she would rise from the dead.

Tribun Jakarta reported that the parents kept the corpse in the house for over two months and believed she would come back alive after following some rituals.

This was because the parents were in denial and were not able to cope with the tragic news that their daughter was not alive anymore.

It is reported that the 14-year-old daughter had suffered and died from tuberculosis (TB).

Detik News reported that the corpse was wrapped up in cloth and kept in a room secluded from the other rooms in the house.

Villagers and neighbours of Central Java's Pemalang town then reported the incident to the police officers as most were afraid to visit the house after hearing about the corpse and the rituals performed at home.

Spiritual leaders including a prominent state preacher Ustaz Zaenuri and police officers then came to the house to speak to the parents about the need to immediately bury corpses under the Islamic burial laws.

The parents, who were then convinced by what the spiritual leaders had to say, then agreed to bury their daughter at a cemetery near their house on January 9.

Many commented and found the news so disturbing.

Source: https://www.malaymail.com/news/life/2022/01/14/indonesian-parents-keeps-daughters-corpse-for-two-months-in-hopes-she-will/203511