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Army troops should be endearing towards Papuans: Chief of Staff

Antara News - November 23, 2021

Evarianus Supar, Nabil Ihsan, Timika, Papua – Indonesian Army (TNI AD) Chief of Staff General Dudung Abdurachman reminded troops stationed in Papua to be endearing towards Papuans and prioritise a sympathetic approach in convincing criminal groups to restore their allegiance to Indonesia.

"The intention to murder should never cross our minds because you must adopt an endearing approach and express your care for Papuans and never hurt their feelings," General Abdurachman stated while giving instructions to army troops, members of army troops wives organisation, and PR/328/Dirgahayu Infantry Batallion Task Force in Timika, Papua, on Tuesday.

Abdurachman's visit to Papua is the first since his inauguration as Army Chief of Staff by President Joko Widodo on Wednesday (Nov 17) at the State Palace in Jakarta.

Abdurachman noted that he had travelled to Timika, Papua, to pay a visit to the operation units' officers stationed there to garner inputs and suggestions on streamlining military operations in Papua.

The general also reminded army troops to approach armed criminal groups with sympathy to convince them to abandon their opposition to Indonesia and restore their allegiance to the nation.

"The task force does not always need to wage war against the armed criminals because we must also approach them with sympathy and a sincere heart because in the end, they are our brothers. Our success in the mission is not determined by how many weapons we have seized, but instead, by the number of our brothers in criminal groups who renounced their opposition by swearing allegiance to Indonesia," Abdurachman affirmed.

The army chief of staff instructed troops stationed in Papua to perform their duties faithfully for the people and the nation as well as to protect the Papuan people.

The army troops' success in Papua is indicated by the level of pride, admiration, and love that Papuan people have for them, he pointed out.

"If Papuan people lamented your departure after the conclusion of your mission, then it means you have been successful in your duty," the general remarked.

Source: https://en.antaranews.com/news/201053/army-troops-should-be-endearing-towards-papuans-chief-of-staf