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Police hunting stranger who gave razor blade and staples-ladened chocolate wafers to children

Coconuts Jakarta - August 3, 2021

Police in Jember, East Java are warning parents to ensure that their children don't take chocolate from strangers as they are hunting a man who is believed to have slipped in razor blades and staples in the snack.

According to the police, on Friday, a man approached two small children, aged 3 and 9, when they were playing outside. The man handed them bags containing chocolate wafers before walking away.

Without suspicion, the kids began eating the snack, and found that it contained sharp objects.

"They didn't know him. Then the little one ate one wafer but felt something hard. So it was spat out," said the child's father, Mohammad Yasin, yesterday.

The children then notified the parents, who found shards of razor blade and staples slipped between the wafer layers. Luckily, none of the sharp objects were swallowed by the children.

Jember Police have launched an investigation after the children's parents filed a report.

"The perpetrator is male. We are investigating his identity. We implore parents to be careful if their children receive something from strangers," Patrang Precinct Head Heri Supadmo said.

Source: https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/police-hunting-stranger-who-gave-razor-blade-and-staples-ladened-chocolate-wafers-to-children