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'It's someone else's right': KRL Commuterline janitor turns in IDR500 million found on train

Coconuts Jakarta - July 9, 2020

The world certainly needs more Mujenih. The KRL Commuterline janitor is winning praise all around the nation after he turned in IDR500 million (US$34,672) in cash thanks to his unwavering integrity.

According to Mujenih, on Monday, he was cleaning a train carriage parked in Bogor's Bojong Gede station when he came upon a black plastic bag, which contained the wads of cash.

Mujenih then handed over the money to the station's lost and found. The handover was documented, photos of which went viral online and attracted widespread praise for the janitor.

Mujenih said he didn't take the money simply because it didn't belong to him.

"I didn't want to take ownership [of the money]. It's someone else's right," he said today. "After the handover [with lost and found], I went back to work."

PT KCI Corporate Communications VP Anne Purba said the money has yet to be claimed and has urged the rightful owner to come forward.

This incident sure begs the question: who carries around IDR500 million in cash? In a plastic bag, no less.

Source: https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/its-someone-elses-right-krl-commuterline-janitor-turns-in-idr500-million-found-on-train