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'Take action on Indonesia': PNG Opposition

Pina - November 7, 2019

Papua New Guinea Opposition leader Belden Namah has called on Prime Minister James Marape to take Indonesian atrocities in Papua and repeated border violations to the United Nations and make them international incidents requiring international conflict resolution mechanisms.

Namah said in a statement that Indonesia's "secret war" was no longer secret. "Melanesians across the border are being harassed and killed next door to us," he said.

"Their human rights, including the right to self-determination, are being trampled underfoot while our international border is violated repeatedly by Indonesian security forces in hot pursuit of Papuans.

"A Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) initiative for a fact-finding mission to the Indonesian Province has been denied by Indonesia.

"Meanwhile, there is an ongoing 6pm to 6am curfew in force throughout West Papua and a new province of South Pacific has been created necessitating increased troops movement and presence in the south close to Daru, as well as troops in the north on the border near Vanimo. Now they have West Papua, Papua and South Papua provinces on the other half of the island of New Guinea.

"It is time to take serious stock of what is going on out there. It is not just a matter of human rights violations. It is a matter of grave national interest for PNG.

"When I asked the prime minister questions in Parliament in relation to this, he was evasive but he did agree that what is happening is grave. The prime minister told Parliament that what was happening on the border was a sovereign issue for the sovereign state of Indonesia. I disagree. Border violations into PNG is not an internal matter of Indonesia. It is an international incident. Extra-judicial killing of innocent Papuans is not an internal issue but an international one.

"It is time now to make this an international issue by sponsoring it as such at the United Nations.

"Our citizens on the border are daily living in fear. We have duty to protect them. If it cannot be done on a bi-lateral or regional level, then it is time to sponsor this matter as an international issue at the United Nations," he said.

– Post Courier/Pacnews

Source: http://www.pina.com.fj/index.php?p=pacnews&m=read&o=17668818655dc4eab0ed8d9311b48