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TNI member arrested for allegedly selling weapons to armed criminal group

Jakarta Post - August 8, 2019

Jakarta – The TNI member, identified only as DAT, was arrested in Sorong, West Papua, on Aug. 4 after being named on the most-wanted list for two weeks. DAT is being detained at the Cenderawasih Military Police headquarter in Jayapura.

According to preliminary investigations DAT left Mimika on July 24 by boat heading to Dobo regency. On July 29 he continued his trip to Sorong, moving to several places until he was arrested on Aug. 4.

The head of Cendrawasih Information Center Lt. Col. Eko Daryanto said the suspect would be charged under military and criminal law.

"DAT faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, the death penalty or 20 years' imprisonment as stipulated in the 1951 Emergency Law." Eko said as quoted by kompas.com on Tuesday. DAT, Eko went on to say, would be discharged from the TNI.

Separately, the commander of Cendrawasih Military Police Sub-Detachment Lt. Mukmin said other soldiers, identified only as O and B, are suspected of helping DAT in the weapon deals, both of these also face being discharged.

"We will show them no mercy. We will take action against them in accordance with military protocols," Mukmin said. (dpk)

Source: https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2019/08/08/tni-member-arrested-for-allegedly-selling-weapons-to-armed-criminal-group.html