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Church demands Jayapura police chief deputy be fired over Sunday raid

Tabloid JUBI - August 12, 2015

Jayapura, Jubi – – The church has demanded Papua Police to remove the Jayapura deputy police chief (Wakapolres) be fired over a raid carried out by dozens of officers around the Kingmi Church in Doyo Baru, Jayapura regency on Sunday (09/08/2015).

One of the assemblies of Ninom church, Nikius Bugiangge said Jayapura police chief deputy is responsible for the action. He said, Wakapolres should be removed because he ordered the search.

"We've asked and he said he sent them and this is not right and unacceptable. If the other days might be understandable, but this happened on Sunday, when the people were worshiping. It was a day of worship of Christians and must be respected, " Nikius said via telephone to the Jubi on Tuesday (11/8/2015).

According to him, the church has written to the Papua Police and Christians of various churches in Papua will hold a peaceful demonstration at the local police. Papua Police must apologize, and explain to the public as well as remove local police chief deputy, he said.

"When police officers ransacked residents' housing, they came as if they want to fight or look for terrorists. Some entered through the window when I could not open the doors of homes. In fact there are sick people threatened with a weapon. What does it mean?, "member of Papua Legislative Council said.

Previously, Rev. Yones Wenda who lead worship when shakedown said police entered the church when worship took place. Police surrounded the houses behind the new church that has not been inaugurated.

"At home, some family are sick. Police immediately held-arms of the front door, back door and windows. Family homeowners who are ill at gunpoint and told to stand up straight. They did not show a warrant and did not say their goal, "said Rev.Yones to Jubi, on Sunday (09/08/2015).

He further said local police chief deputy ordered his members to conduct a search for weapons and HP's home burgled. (Arjuna Pademme/Tina)

Source: http://tabloidjubi.com/en/?p=5749