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Government identifies foreign intelligence agents in Papua

Republika - May 28, 2013

Jakarta – Government claimed that they had pocketed identities of foreign intelligence agents who carried out their mission in Papua. Spokesman of Minister of Defense, Maj. Gen. Hartind Asrin said government kept monitoring activities the foreign intelligence agents.

"There were foreign spies who managed to get into Papua. They had various cover identities, such as researchers, NGO activists and journalists," Asrin said on Monday.

However, government still keep the number and identities of them. Asrin said that three agencies were involved in handling the case, consisted of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Intelligence Agency and the Armed Forces Strategic Intelligence Agency (BAIS).

Those agencies have managed to enlist the agent of a foreign passport, visa, study permit and other proofs of identities. Despite their activities, Indonesian government concluded there has been no serious threat or suspicious activity.