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Religious leaders in North Sulawesi deem E-ID project heretical

Jakarta Post - May 2, 2012

Jakarta – Several religious leaders from the Pentecostal Church of Indonesia Alpha Omega in Bunaken District, Manado, North Sulawesi have rejected the electronic identity card, or e-ID card project or E-KTP, saying that it is contrary to their beliefs.

The church leaders met with Manado Mayor Vicky Lumentut on Tuesday evening to express their unwillingness to participate in the project.

"Based on our faith, we do not trust the E-KTP project. We believe that the use of a chip in the e-ID cards is associated with the Satanic 666 symbol," said one of the followers as quoted by tempo.co.

Roy Lengkong, chairman of the local interreligious group Association who accompanied the worshippers, said that the followers of the church asked related parties to understand their decision not to be involved with the e-ID card project.

In response, the mayor Lumentut asked the followers of the Pentecostal Church to make an official statement regarding their decision to reject e-ID cards. "I will send your official statement to the central government," he said. (asa)