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Indonesians now eye moving to provinces outside Java: BPS

Jakarta Globe - April 24, 2024

Sella Rizky, Jakarta – The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) said Tuesday that there had been a change in migration patterns among Indonesians, as they look to settle outside the populous Java Island.

Java is more developed and populous than other regions in the archipelago, making it a popular choice among Indonesians as a place to look for jobs or settle in. But according to BPS, more Indonesians are moving to other islands such as Sulawesi and Kalimantan – which is home to the country's future capital Nusantara. BPS attributed the shift in migration to the government's developments. The government's plan to move the capital from Jakarta to Nusantara is also expected to drive more people to Kalimantan.

"So [the change in patterns is due to] the government developing [other regions]. And later we will have Nusantara, so people are automatically more inclined to move [outside Java]," Ateng Hartono, a deputy for statistics at BPS, said at B-Universe's headquarters in PIK2.

"The Nusantara project is expected to spur a more equitable development across the region. People in Java or even Sumatera will then move to Sulawesi or Sumatera," Ateng said.

Ateng then gave an example of how similar changes had already occurred in Batam, Riau Islands. Indonesians began eyeing Batam once the developments took place.

"Migration usually follows the establishment of facilities and development in the region's leading sectors. For instance, Kalimantan has its plantation and industrial sectors, among others," Ateng said.

Although Jakarta is seeing fewer newcomers, the city remains an attractive destination for Indonesians as its economic sector continues to grow rapidly, according to Ateng.

"Trade, including its services sector, is growing rapidly in Jakarta, including its culinary businesses. ... I think Jakarta can become the center for recreation, healthcare, education," Ateng said.

Source: https://jakartaglobe.id/news/indonesians-now-eye-moving-to-provinces-outside-java-bp