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Four students injured and one arrested by police during conflict between the Me and Moni tribes in Nabire

Human Rights Monitor - May 27, 2024

Indonesia, West Papua – Reports received indicate that four students were injured by the police and one was arrested during a horizontal tribal conflict in Nabire, Papua Tengah Province on 27 April 2024.

The police forcefully intervened to disperse the clash. The reasons behind the unrest remain unclear, but it reportedly originated from a disagreement between a member of the Me tribe and a member of the Moni tribe. This initial altercation escalated, and several students belonging to both tribes intervened with the initial intention of de-escalating the situation. However, the intervention led to a large horizontal ethnic conflict.

Police arrested 20-year-old Emanuel Douw. Reports suggest that his arrest and subsequent detention at the Nabire Police Station may have been arbitrary. Besides, 19-year-old student Yosia Sani was hit on the chest and right tight, 20-year-old Gren Iyai was hit on the left cheek and sustained a nose injury, 22-year-old Kristianus Mote was hit on the head and spine, and female 23-year-old student Aten Tigai suffered an ear injury. See photos.

The police intervention did not resolve the conflict but it was later settled with the intervention of church leaders, specifically Pastor Yance Yogi and the participation of the tribal chiefs of both the Me and Moni tribes and the students involved.

Source: https://humanrightsmonitor.org/case/four-students-injured-and-one-arrested-by-police-during-conflict-between-the-me-and-moni-tribes-in-nabire