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Clash victim Yalingga Jikwa's family calls for peace rite in Topo

Tabloid Jubi - July 4, 2023

Nabire, Jubi – The body of Yalingga Jikwa, one of the victims of the conflict between residents in Topo, was found in Nabire Regency, Central Papua Province, on June 29, 2023. Yalingga Jikwa's body was mourned in Sanoba Village, Nabire, on June 30 and Yalingga's family said that they were ready to undergo a peace rite to end the conflict in Topo.

"On July 1, we, the victim's family, agreed to take the peaceful route. Yalingga Jikwa has been found so the peace process between the conflicting parties can take place. That is our request," said Yalingga's brother Yundison Jikwa on Monday, July 3, 2023.

Yundison stated that the family of the victim had consented to the symbolic act of releasing the bowstring on July 25, as a gesture of peace and letting go of animosity between the warring factions in Topo. He requested that the opposing party join in the planning of the ceremony, aiming to foster peace and eliminate any mistrust between them.

Yundison further mentioned that his party had also agreed to organize a peace gathering featuring a ceremonial stone-burning feast on August 26. He hopes that the Central Papua Provincial Government, eight administrations in Central Papua, and security forces will participate in the process.

Yundison appealed to the people of Nabire on behalf of the victims' families, urging them not to believe false news generated by unrelated parties regarding the clashes in Topo.

"And the media must avoid provoking residents in the eight regencies, particularly in Nabire. Nabire is a shared home for everyone, he said.

Yundison and Emanuel Mote were entrusted by the victims' families to oversee and mediate the peace process in accordance with the families' wishes. He emphasized that the families simply desired peace.

The conflict erupted in Nabire's Topo on June 5, 2023, triggered by a land dispute. Two individuals lost their lives during the disputes, and one person remains missing.

On June 13, Nabire Regent Mesak Magai led a mediation aimed at resolving the conflict in Topo. The meeting concluded with an agreement for both parties to cease hostilities and urged the security forces to locate the missing individual.

Following the mediation, Mesak Magai announced that a peace ceremony would be organized between the conflicting parties once the missing victim was found.

"A peace ceremony will take place, and the specific date will be determined after the search for the missing victim is declared complete," said Magai on June 13. (*)

Source: https://en.jubi.id/clash-victim-yalingga-jikwas-family-calls-for-peace-rite-in-topo