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Police send reinforcements to Intan Jaya after recent attacks by rebel groups

Jakarta Globe - May 2, 2024

Meirto Tangkepayung, Intan Jaya, Papua – The Papua Police have initiated the deployment of reinforcements to Intan Jaya regency in response to escalated attacks by rebel groups targeting both civilian and security installations over the past week.

Rebel forces have launched assaults on a police post in the Hoyame district, set fire to an elementary school building, and fatally shot a civilian, Papua Police Chief Mathius Fakhiri said in Intan Jaya.

According to Mathius, a formal request has been made to the military for assistance in airlifting additional personnel via helicopters.

"These reinforcements are essential to preempt potential future attacks," Mathius said.

"We are counting on the military to provide helicopter support for the swift deployment of security forces to Intan Jaya to address the ongoing security challenges."

Mathius condemned the rebel groups for their attacks on civilian infrastructure in Intan Jaya.

"Burning down schools and healthcare centers is unacceptable. Such actions jeopardize the education and well-being of Papuan residents," he said.

"I urge the local community to refrain from supporting violent rebel factions. While they may feel coerced, it is imperative to stand against all forms of violence."

Source: https://jakartaglobe.id/news/police-send-reinforcements-to-intan-jaya-after-recent-attacks-by-rebel-group