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Dirty Vote succeeds in raising awareness of political process, says producer

Tempo - February 22, 2024

Kukuh S. Wibowo, Surabaya – Dandhy Dwi Laksono, the producer and director of Dirty Vote, stated that the success of a movie depends on the interpretation. However, the most valid answer for a movie's success is measured by the intention of the maker.

"Only the filmmaker can decide whether Dirty Vote is successful or not," Dandhy told reporters after the movie screening discussion at Widya Mandala Catholic University in Surabaya on February 21.

He responded to questions about the success of the documentary in light of the fact that the candidate pair backed by President Joko Jokowi Widodo won the majority of the national vote.

The film drew public attention upon its release a few days before the February 14 election, as it exposed instances of alleged systematic electoral fraud in President Jokowi's administration.

Dandhy stressed that it was the people's right to interpret the film as an attempt to erode the votes of a certain pair of candidates. "But it's strange if someone thinks that, it means they have their own theory and then answer it themselves," he said.

For Dandhy, the success of his film lies in the fact that people continue to talk about it, the number of followers on social media keeps growing, and 35 cities simultaneously invited the director and cast of the film for a discussion.

"Everyone seems to agree that the movie is not just for February 14, 2024. This movie has nothing to do with quick counts and real counts. This movie goes beyond that," Dandhy emphasized.

Dandhy observed that Dirty Vote ultimately increased the public's confidence that the election results were not something that could not be questioned and that the public had more intensity in accepting or not accepting the election results.

"From this perspective, Dirty Vote is a new energy for the public to remain critical of the election process, even more so of the political process. What if this film did not exist and people would think that the real count and the quick count results were just fate, and political parties wouldn't be ashamed to enter the Palace asking for ministerial posts," Dandhy said.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1836542/dirty-vote-succeeds-in-raising-awareness-of-political-process-says-produce