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International media highlights 'Gejayan Memanggil' movement

Tempo - February 13, 2024

Yudono Yanuar, Jakarta – The "Gejayan Memanggil" or "Gejayan is Calling" student movement in Yogyakarta, protesting alleged interference by President Jokowi's government in the 2024 general election, attracted international media attention.

Several international media outlets, including US News, South China Morning Herald, Straits Times, Business Today, and Reuters, published reports on the actions of hundreds of Indonesian students and activists.

US News wrote in its publication titled "Indonesia Students Protest Alleged Poll Interference by Jokowi Administration" that students gathered in Yogyakarta to protest Jokowi's alleged abuse of power in favor of frontrunner candidate Prabowo and his eldest son Gibran Rakabuming Raka.

"Jokowi was once called a new hope, we call him a new disaster," said one protester, as quoted from US News.

The presidential palace, however, denied any political interference by Jokowi.

Hong Kong's leading media, SCMP, published 'Indonesia election 2024: students protest Jokowi's perceived lack of neutrality, but will movement impact voters?', noting that Jokowi has been the target of growing criticism from academics and students for his perceived lack of neutrality in the upcoming election.

The article also reported that observers argued that the movement would do little to change the course of the February 14 election.

The Straits Times also highlighted the Gejayan Memanggil movement on February 12. The article quoted protest organizer Aksi Gejayan Memanggil's Instagram post. "The ethical and moral breaches by Jokowi show that he is against a critical public voice."

Several human rights organizations were reportedly planning to hold another protest in the capital, Jakarta.

Criticism against President Jokowi's administration intensified after a documentary produced by Indonesian investigative journalist Dandhy Laksono was released on YouTube on Feb. 12. The movie exposes the alleged systematic power abuse by state officials, including the police and regional heads, and the use of state resources to support Prabowo and Gibran Rakabuming.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1832863/international-media-highlights-gejayan-memanggil-movemen