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Gejayan Memanggil in Yogyakarta: 11 demands and a guillotine theatrics

Tempo - February 13, 2024

Pribadi Wicaksono, Jakarta – The 'Gejayan Memanggil' movement was held yesterday, Feb. 12 to protest alleged interference from the current administration in the 2024 general elections.

The protest was participated by several elements, including Jaringan Penggugat Demokrasi (Jagad), which called for 11 demands. Those include:

  • Revision of General Elections Law and political parties contesting in the election by independent bodies.
  • Bring President Joko Widodo or Jokowi and his cronies to justice
  • Demand apologies from intellectual and cultural figures who supported political dynasties.
  • Halt social assistance politicization.
  • Revoke the Job Creation Law and the Coal and Mineral Mining Law
  • Halt military operations, tackle human rights violations, and push for self-determination.
  • Stop land grabs.
  • Stop criminalization of environmental activists.
  • Proceed with human rights trials.
  • Realize free education.
  • Promulgate the Domestic Workers' Protection Bill

Guillotine theatrics

On the back of a pickup truck, a replica of the guillotine stood, a person with Jokowi's mask brought to his knees with his head positioned under the supposed blade, ready to be executed.

The theatrical performance was a symbol of condemnation for Jokowi and his cronies over their failure as state officials. "This theatrical performance was a symbolized punishment for Jokowi's regime that perpetuates nepotism," said Jagad spokesperson Sana Ulaili.

According to Sana, Jokowi's regime has castrated the democratic system in Indonesia. "Our [organization] name was chosen to summarize a deep concern that citizens felt under Jokowi's regime. We call for all layers of society to come together and destroy the regime and bring it to justice." Sana explained.

This action, Sana went on, was a representation of the spirit of resistance against Jokowi and his cronies. The theatrics with the guillotine, Sana explained, was a call to unite and actively participate in creating a democratic and just future for Indonesia.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1832982/gejayan-memanggil-in-yogyakarta-11-demands-and-a-guillotine-theatric