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OPM claims to have killed TNI members in Papua's Intan Jaya, threatens to shoot civil airplanes

Tempo - January 28, 2024

Mutia Yuantisya, Jakarta – The West Papua Liberation Army of the Free Papua Movement (TPNPB-OPM) stated it received an official report from TPNPB troops of VIII Intan Jaya Defense Regional Command, Papua, saying that Commander Undius Kogeya claimed TPNPB troops of Intan Jaya VIII Defense Regional Command attacked the Indonesian military (TNI) and police posts in Titigi. Armed contact occurred in Titigi, Intan Jaya District, Papua on Friday, Jan. 26.

Commander Undius Kogeya reported that the bodies of the TNI members who were shot dead by the TPNPB on January 25 in Titigi, Intan Jaya, had yet to be evacuated. According to him, the bodies were rotting.

The bodies were rotting because TNI members serving in the area were afraid to leave the military post. He said that the Indonesian forces, whom they considered terrorists, were afraid to leave their posts because TPNPB troops had already controlled the area and were ready to shoot.

The TPNPB troops of Intan Jaya VIII Defense Regional Command, under the leadership of Commander Brig. Gen. Undius Kogeya, issued a ban on civil aviation activities in the area of Intan Jaya, Papua. It was due to the escalating war situation in Intan Jaya Regency, according to the Armed Criminal Group (KKB).

Undius Kogeya, Deputy Commander Abeni Kobogau, and the troops asked for airplanes landing on several districts in Intan Jaya Regency, such as Pogapa and Nawia to stop the operation immediately. "We're ready to shoot to death Intan Jaya Regent and the officials entering Intan Jaya. "We say this publicly as we don't need any kind of development from the Indonesian Colonial Government," said Undius Kogeya in his statement on Saturday, Jan. 27.

He also said his side would do the re-development once Papua is free. "So we're not messing around and immediately revoke the Decree (SK) on the establishment of Intan Jaya Regency and returning it to the colonial Indonesia," he said.

In addition, TPNPB troops from the Intan Jaya Regional Defense Command declared their readiness to enter Nabire after carrying out an operation to clean up the virus from the Indonesian troops in Intan Jaya.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1826653/opm-claims-to-have-killed-tni-members-in-papuas-intan-jaya-threatens-to-shoot-civil-airplane