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Anies plans to prioritize education in Southwest Papua

Jakarta Post - January 18, 2024

Jakarta – Presidential candidate Anies Baswedan has promised to prioritize education in Southwest Papua by rolling out a scholarship program for children.

During his campaign in Sorong, the provincial capital, Anies said he had met a child who was unable to attend school because of the high cost of education.

"This is a phenomenon that must be resolved. Although we often say 'we are satisfied [with the education system],' upon closer look, the condition of the education and health systems turn out to be far from satisfactory," said Anies on Tuesday, as quoted by Antara News.

Anies said he was committed to easing access to quality education so children could finish their education without having to worry about the fees, particularly in Papua. Anies is also planning to make an additional quota of scholarship recipients across the region.

"Additional quota for overseas scholarships for students throughout Papua, so not just here [Southwest Papua] but overall in Papua," he said.

Anies also pointed out how athletes in Southwest Papua were not properly cared for by the government, leading to difficulties in finding jobs after returning to their hometowns after competing. Anies said that he would prepare a special program, which included employment health insurance, for the athletes.

He said the program was to improve the quality of human resources in Southwest Papua, which the government had not properly addressed.

Anies said it would be a shame if the government did not provide a decent place for children to grow and develop their potential. Therefore, several measures must be taken to raise the children's potential, such as supporting the fundamental base of the family and the community and developing local facilities.

Source: https://www.thejakartapost.com/indonesia/2024/01/18/anies-plans-to-prioritize-education-in-southwest-papua.htm