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Ganjar receives warm welcome from supporters in Papua

Jakarta Globe - November 21, 2023

Jakarta – Presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo was warmly received by thousands of supporters during his visit to Papua on Tuesday.

Upon his arrival in the provincial capital, Jayapura, Ganjar was greeted by leaders from various ethnic groups, students, and religious figures, amid the radiant sunlight in Indonesia's easternmost province.

A gathering at Entrop Square in the city witnessed pledges of allegiance to Ganjar, who is nominated by the ruling Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P).

Addressing the crowd, Ganjar expressed his commitment to collaborative efforts in Papua.

"We have significant work ahead. Let's join hands to develop Papua and safeguard its rich cultural heritage. The government will continue to honor and provide support to ethnic group leaders in Papua," he assured.

During his speech, a young woman approached Ganjar to express gratitude for his support during her pursuit of a master's degree in Central Java. Selviana Indira, while studying spatial planning and urban development at Diponegoro University in Semarang during Ganjar's tenure as Central Java governor, received financial assistance from him.

Reflecting on this, Ganjar shared, "During my time as Central Java governor, many Papuan students pursued education in our province. It's gratifying to support and share goodwill."

Emphasizing equal opportunities for higher education, Ganjar highlighted the need for Papuans to have equitable access to educational advancements similar to other provinces.

A day before his visit to Papua, Ganjar also engaged with the locals in neighboring West Papua, where he partook in singing and dancing.

Ganjar pledged to address housing, education, and employment challenges in the province if elected.

Source: https://jakartaglobe.id/news/ganjar-receives-warm-welcome-from-supporters-in-papu