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Indonesia mourns the loss of revered clerical figure Buya Syakur Yasin

BNN News - January 17, 2024

Indonesia mourns the loss of a revered clerical figure, Abdul Syakur Yasin, from Indramayu District in West Java, who passed away on Wednesday, January 17, 2024. Known as Buya Syakur Yasin, he was the esteemed leader of Pesantren Cadangpinggan in Sukagumiwang Subdistrict, Indramayu Regency. His death occurred at Mitra Plumbon Widasari Hospital in Indramayu Regency, where he had been under medical care.

The life and legacy of Buya Syakur Yasin

Born on February 2, 1948, Buya Syakur was a charismatic scholar and teacher, known for his humility and dedication to teaching. He was a prolific writer and translator, adept at translating Arabic texts into Indonesian, and his works greatly contributed to the religious and scholarly discourse in Indonesia. His teachings, available both offline and online, were highly regarded by figures such as Gus Dur and Quraish Shihab for their depth and relatability.

Buya Syakur's contributions to Islamic education

Buya Syakur was the founder and caretaker of the Pondok Pesantren Candangpinggan Indramayu, known for its unique lectures and emphasis on using intellect in carrying out the commandments of Allah SWT. He was celebrated for his unique style of delivering Islamic teachings and his extensive knowledge, gained from years of studying in various countries in the Middle East and Europe. After his return to Indonesia in 1991, he dedicated his life to spreading Islamic teachings through his boarding school and public lectures.

Indonesia remembers Buya Syakur

Ustadz Miftah, the Head of Ponpes Cadangpinggan, confirmed the news of Buya Syakur's passing. The cleric had been receiving treatment at the hospital for the past ten days and had experienced a general decline in health over the previous year. His death has brought great sorrow to the nation, prompting prayers for his acceptance into the mercy of Allah and for patience for his survivors. Buya Syakur's funeral is planned to take place at the Ponpes Cadangpinggan site, where he was based, serving as a last tribute to his significant contributions to the community.

Buya Syakur leaves behind his wife, Mrs. Zainab Al-Huda, and two children, Hasyimi Robit Ibdal and Khozainu Rohmati Robbi Dawud Awwab. His passing marks the end of an era, but his teachings and legacy live on, continuing to inspire and guide many within and outside the Islamic community.

Source: https://bnnbreaking.com/world/indonesia/indonesia-mourns-the-loss-of-revered-clerical-figure-buya-syakur-yasin