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Inmates escape Sorong Penitentiary after Church service

Tabloid Jubi - January 10, 2024

Manokwari, Jubi – Manuel Yenusi, the head of Sorong Class II B Penitentiary in Manokwari, Southwest Papua reported that 53 inmates escaped following a religious service. The incident occurred on Sunday, January 7, 2024.

Yenusi mentioned that the incident coincided with the sound of fireworks after the church service ended at 11:00 a.m. Papua time.

"During that time, prison staff were unable to contain the inmates who breached the main gate's security, which was being guarded by only two officers," he revealed.

He refuted claims of any disturbance prior to the inmates' escape, clarifying that according to CCTV footage, there was no commotion until the fireworks went off, triggering the inmates to react.

The Sorong Penitentiary, designed for 250 individuals, currently holds 547 detainees and inmates, resulting in overcrowding. Yenusi admitted to the oversight of staff that allowed the fireworks to enter the facility.

Yenusi admitted his lack of knowledge regarding how the fireworks were brought into the prison, highlighting it as the current issue. He suggested it might have been due to staff negligence but confirmed that it was a single instance of ordinary fireworks.

Among the escaped inmates, four were involved in subversion cases. Yenusi mentioned that two of them, along with individuals facing general criminal and drug-related charges, have been apprehended.

Sorong City Police chief Sr. Comr. Happy Perdana Yudianto confirmed the capture of six out of the 53 escaped inmates. He assured ongoing efforts to pursue the remaining fugitives, coordinating with neighboring police precincts like Sorong, Tambrauw, and Maybrat regencies.

"We have implemented roadblocks around Sorong City exits, as well as at airports and seaports in our pursuit," said Yudianto. (*)

Source: https://en.jubi.id/inmates-escape-sorong-penitentiary-after-church-service