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Unrest erupts in Jayapura following alleged killing by military officer

Jakarta Globe - January 3, 2024

Meirto Tangkepayung, Jayapura – A tumult erupted in Kampung Karya Bumi Besum, Namblong District, Jayapura Regency, Papua, on Monday, as dozens of residents expressed their anger through a rampage, setting fire to various facilities and offices.

The residents' outrage was sparked by the alleged death of a resident, reportedly at the hands of an Indonesian National Military (TNI) soldier in the village.

Acting Deputy of Command for Doctrine, Education, and Training Development of the Indonesian Army in the Papua/Cenderawasih Region, Lieutenant Colonel Chandra Kurniawan said that the incident unfolded when an intoxicated group of residents began extorting fellow villagers. Responding to the situation, a TNI soldier (Sergeant AD) intervened to reprimand the extortionists.

"This incident started when AD was on his way home and was accosted by the intoxicated individuals. Despite being warned to leave, they attacked him," said Chandra on Tuesday.

According to Chandra, when attacked, AD defended himself, and the group of extortionists eventually dispersed.

"However, shortly afterward, friends from the group of extortionists returned, and a brawl ensued. AD was attacked. Then, due to being cornered, AD defended himself, resulting in one attacker being injured," explained Lieutenant Colonel Chandra.

Upon learning that their injured relative had died, the residents returned and carried out destruction and arson on several buildings and two-wheeled vehicles.

"The mob returned and set fire to eight houses, including AD's house, his family's house, a police post, and more," said Chandra.

As a result of the attack, other frightened residents chose to seek refuge in mosques. Meanwhile, joint forces have been deployed to the scene to secure the situation.

"At present, the situation is conducive, and the local military and local government have conducted mediation. The deceased victim has also been buried Tuesday morning," said Chandra.

Source: https://jakartaglobe.id/news/unrest-erupts-in-jayapura-following-alleged-killing-by-military-office