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Relocated Rempang locals hold traditional banquet

Jakarta Globe - October 14, 2023

Jakarta – A number of Rempang locals have moved to temporary housing following the eco-city project development on the island. The relocated locals recently hosted a kenduri – a traditional banquet for requesting blessings – at Buana Central Park.

The event's committee head Rusli said the relocation would benefit the Rempang residents as well as the Indonesian population as a whole. According to Rusli, the Rempang Eco-City strategic national project was pivotal for the country's "2045 Golden Indonesia" vision which aims to be a prosperous nation by its centennial.

"This strategic national project will not hurt us, especially the Rempang residents," Rusli, who came from Sembulang, Rempang island, said.

Rusli also thanked BP Batam –the city's development agency–for providing adequate temporary housing. Likewise, Pasir Panjang villager Azan said that the temporary housing was comfortable. Azan added: "We hope that the [Rempang eco-city] can prioritize the local children in their recruitment."

Pasir Panjang villager Juliana said she hoped the project could bring a positive impact to the Rempang locals' economy.

BP Batam official Sudirman Saad said that the celebratory banquet showed how the locals were optimistic about the Rempang eco-city project. He also hoped those who were still hesitant about moving to the temporary housing could change their mind. Sudirman added that BP Batam would not only keep the residents updated on their rights but also prepare adequate temporary housing like the Buana Central Park.

"The central government via the BP Batam has promised that it would be the Rempang residents who would enjoy the benefits of the Rempang Island development. The people's prosperity is our priority," Sudirman said.

Source: https://jakartaglobe.id/special-updates/relocated-rempang-locals-hold-traditional-banque