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KPU proposes shortened registration period for presidential candidates to one week

Jakarta Globe - September 8, 2023

Yustinus Paat, Jakarta – The General Election Commission (KPU) is advocating for a significant change in the registration timeline for presidential candidates and their running mates. This adjustment involves moving the date forward and reducing the registration period from three weeks to just one.

Under the previous schedule, political parties had the opportunity to register their candidates from October 19 to November 25. However, the proposed schedule advances the registration period to October 10-16.

This proposal aligns with an amended article in the election law, which stipulates that candidates for the presidential election must be officially announced by the KPU 15 days before the commencement of the campaign period on November 25. Previously, the formal announcement of candidates was scheduled for three days before the start of the campaign period.

Following the registration period, there will be three days dedicated to administrative checks and medical examinations for the candidates.

The draft regulation allows political parties to reconsider their candidates and make replacements until November 7.

The KPU's plan is to announce the eligible presidential candidates and their running mates on November 13, followed by the drawing for their numerical order one day later.

Source: https://jakartaglobe.id/news/kpu-proposes-shortened-registration-period-for-presidential-candidates-to-one-wee