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122 people fall victims in Indonesia's illegal organ trade human trafficking case

Tempo - July 22, 2023

M. Faiz Zaki, Jakarta – Director of General Crimes Investigation Metro Jaya Police Department Chief Commissioner of Police Hengki Haryadi stated that the estimated number of human trafficking victims to Cambodia currently reached 122 people.

The victims were trafficked to Cambodia to have their kidneys sold. "So far we have identified 122 victims. We continue to investigate the possibility of more victims," said Hengki at Metro Jaya Police Department on Friday, July 21, 2023.

Generally, the victims of the illegal organ trade were in a vulnerable position. The victims needed money after being let go of their jobs during the Covid-19 Pandemic. However, the majority of the trafficker was also once a victim of the illegal organ trade. After selling their kidney, they invited other people to sell their kidneys too as a donor via a Facebook group.

To anticipate a repeat offense, Hengki said that the police will adopt a zero-tolerance policy. "The strategy is hit and fit. Everyone involved, as instructed by our chief, will all be knocked down," he said.The case is a development of the previous house raid in Villa Mutiara Gading, Piano IX Street, Setia Asih Sub-district, Tarumajaya District, Bekasi Regency conducted on June 19, 2023. The house was a shelter to house the victims before moving them to Cambodia.

Hengki said that there are 12 people accused of being involved in the case. Two of them are police member Aipda M and immigration officer A. Aipda M received Rp612 million to aid the traffickers' escape by telling them to throw away their phones and move around.

Immigration officer 'A' who managed the victims' travel documents. Both of these persons, however, are not part of the illegal kidney trade network."To square things up, among the 12 people arrested, these two are not part of their syndicate. They don't know who these people are," Hengki said.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1750696/122-people-fall-victims-in-indonesias-illegal-organ-trade-human-trafficking-cas