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Tempo.co acquires wins at KASAD award 2023

Tempo - July 11, 2023

M. Julnis Firmansyah, Jakarta – News portal Tempo.co won KASAD Award 2023 for Gender Mainstreaming and Combating Radicalism categories. Head of Redaction Anton Aprianto received the awards as a representative presented by the Deputy Chief of Police Commissioner General Agus Andrianto and Chairman of Commission I of the House of Representatives Meutya Hafid in A.H. Nasution Hall, in the Indonesian Army Headquarters, Central Jakarta.

"Thank you for the awards. These ten categories really invigorate our spirit to face the challenge previously mentioned by the Chief of the Press Council, competing with the clicks," said Anton while receiving the awards on Monday, July 10, 2023.

Anton relayed that the awards received by Tempo.co motivated the news portal to continue combating hoaxes ahead of the 2024 General Elections. "This encourages us to preserve this nation," he added.

KASAD Award was initiated by Indonesian army officials to show appreciation toward ten media portals raising ten strategic issues in their articles. The 10 strategic issues are important since they are part of the government's priority programs and have the public's attention.

The 10 strategic issues are diversity and tolerance, combating radicalism, gender mainstreaming, digital innovation, international solidarity, The Indonesian Army in the middle of a crisis, development in 3T areas, child protection, suppressing stunting, and cultural preservation.

The winners of this award consisted of 10 national media, 10 regional media, and 4 college media after sorting through 3 million articles from 221 media, The board of the KASAD Award further sorted the article based on the media company verified by the Press Council except for college media. The final round left 72 media with 2,030 articles to be assessed by the panel of judges.

The panel of judges consisted of seven exceptional figures in their respective fields. The Chief Judge of the KASAD Award was the Chief of Indonesia's Press Council Ninik Rahayu, while the panel members were the Chief of the Army Information Service Brigadier General Hamim Tohari, communication researcher Effendi Gazali, Research Director of SETARA Institute Ismail Hasani, Head of Indonesia's Cyber Media Association Wenseslaus Manggut, and two media company representatives, Arif Zulkifli form Tempo and Sonya Hellen Sinombor from Kompas.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1746674/tempo-co-acquires-wins-at-kasad-award-202