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High school kid drives mom's official car into a pole. His girlfriend was naked in the passenger seat

Coconuts Jakarta - February 3, 2023

A fresh scandal may be brewing in Indonesia with a very multi-layered single-vehicle accident in the city of Jambi.

On Thursday evening, a Toyota Camry sporting a red license plate – which denotes that it's a government vehicle – crashed into a billboard pole in front of Siloam Hospital.

Inside the car was a male high school student, fully clothed, and a girl who is reportedly his girlfriend. She was fully naked.

"They are both high school students. We checked their urine samples [for drugs and alcohol] and they came back negative," Jambi Police Chief Eko Wahyudi said today.

The car is registered to the Jambi Regional Representatives Council (DPRD) and was assigned to an official at the council. Her son, the driver in the incident, allegedly took the car without her knowledge. He also does not have a driver's license.

For now, one can only guess why the girl was naked in the car. Police have yet to collect the teenagers' statements as they are traumatized by the incident. The girl is being treated for a fractured leg, while the boy sustained some bruising.

It wouldn't be outrageous to surmise that the pair might have been doing some exploring in the car right before the incident. To them and to anyone who has a similar kink, do go nuts but please consider doing it (whatever it is) when the car is not moving.

In other words: please misbehave responsibly. Because, you know, hurting yourself and/or others would be the ultimate anti-climax.

Source: https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/high-school-kid-drives-moms-official-car-into-a-pole-his-girlfriend-was-naked-in-the-passenger-seat