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Andalas University acts firm against lecturer accused of sexual harassment

Tempo - December 28, 2022

Annisa Firdausi, Jakarta – Andalas University management announced that it will take firm action against one of its lecturers embroiled in an alleged sexual misconduct scandal. In a press conference by the deputy rector Prof. Mansyurdin, he announced that the campus' sexual harassment prevention task force has entered the final phase of its investigation.

"The task force conclusion will be recommended to the rector and will follow up that report to the Ministry," said the deputy rector, Langgam.id reported.

The lecturer in question has been relieved of his teaching duties throughout the investigation process.

Citing state-run media Antaranews, the alleged sexual harassment happened when a group of students visited the home of the lecturer, identified as KC, to discuss academic issues. One student who became the victim stayed as other students went home.

The victim asked for the lecturer's permission to be absent from one of his classes and was told by KC to write a formal letter to do so. However, in the process of this conversation, KC asked the student to kiss him. The lecturer did not know that the encounter was secretly recorded by the student via voice recorder.

Campus task force chairperson Rika Susanti confirmed that the lecturer had also committed severe sexual harassment that involved eight former students. The task force has prioritized victim protection throughout the investigation process.

"We have met with eight victims and based on official reports, one case is categorized as a severe case. The report along with a recommendation will be delivered to the rector in the following week at its quickest," said Susanti.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1673126/andalas-university-acts-firm-against-lecturer-accused-of-sexual-harassmen