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Sexual violence springs from mindset: Komnas Perempuan

Antara News - December 6, 2022

Suci Nurhaliza, Fadhli Ruhman, Jakarta – Violence, including sexual violence, originates from one's thought process or seeing other people, Head of the National Commission on Violence against Women's (Komnas Perempuan's) Education Sub-commission Alimatul Qibtiyah stated.

Sexual violence occurs, as some people think that men should be served and that the source of slander is wealth, social standing, and women, she noted.

Moreover, according to Infid research, stereotype towards women weakens the position of women victims and often triggers victim blaming, she noted during the Indonesian Civil Servants Corps' 51th Anniversary Seminar streamed online, Monday.

From this research, 70 percent of the respondents agreed that women were raped or harassed sexually due to their revealing attire. "This is the reality of our society," she stated.

To prevent more incidents of sexual violence, the public should change the causal structure through redesigning and mental model through rethinking, Qibtiyah stated.

Redesigning is undertaken including by implementing sexual violence prevention and handling policies and programs as well as monitoring and taking down discourses that tolerate sexual violence.

Meanwhile, rethinking involves planting the idea that women are also entitled to dignity, she explained.

"The source of slander is not wealth, social standing, and women, but it is wealth, social standing, love and quota because men can also be a source of slander," she stressed.

Moreover, she explained that no passage in the Quran states that if women wear provocative clothing, then they should be harassed.

"Within the religious text, if that happens, then go home, lower your eyes or fast yourself. Blaming women is not allowed," she emphasized.

During the event, Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Ministry's Inspector General Chatarina Muliana also highlighted the need to not underestimate sexual violence that can occur anywhere.

Source: https://en.antaranews.com/news/263955/sexual-violence-springs-from-mindset-komnas-perempua