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26.58% girls aged 13 to 17 experienced violence in past year: Survey

Tempo - December 1, 2022

Antara, Jakarta – Head of the 2021 National Survey of Children and Adolescents' Life Experiences (SNPHAR) team, Ignatius Prapto Raharjo, said that the percentage of girls aged 13-17 who experienced violence in the past year reached 26.58 percent.

Meanwhile, for boys aged 13-17, the figure stood at 20.51 percent.

"It is 26.58 percent for girls and 20.51 percent for boys," he said while sharing the 2021 SNPHAR data processing and analysis results on Wednesday.

According to the survey, 46 percent of girls and 37.4 percent of boys in the 13-17 age group have experienced one or more forms of violence throughout their lives. "It (the prevalence) is lower than in 2018," the survey team head noted.

According to Raharjo, the prevalence of violence during the COVID-19 pandemic was 23.41 percent among boys and 26.95 percent among girls. "Not much different from the data of violence prevalence in the last 12 months," he said.

Meanwhile, Minister of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection, Bintang Puspayoga, said the data from the 2021 SNPHAR offers a more comprehensive illustration of the issue of violence against children.

"The implementation of SNPHAR is crucial for stakeholders in helping understand the scale and problems of violence against children as a basis for developing policies and programs to prevent and deal with violence against children," the minister added.

The 2021 SNPHAR covered as many as 14,160 households spread across 1,416 census blocks in 236 sub-districts in 178 districts/cities of 33 provinces in the country.

The respondents in the survey comprised boys and girls aged 13-17 and people aged 18-24 living in urban and rural areas.

Earlier, Minister Puspayoga said that violence against children in households should not be considered solely a domestic problem. If there is neglect in society, especially within the household itself, violence will perpetuate itself.

Therefore, the Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection is currently promoting the "Dare to Speak Up" program to encourage people to step forward and report incidents of violence so that victims can get justice and perpetrators are deterred.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1663106/26-58-girls-aged-13-to-17-experienced-violence-in-past-year-surve