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MPR deputy criticizes agrarian reform program over 'zero implementation'

Tempo - September 28, 2022

Ima Dini Shafira, Jakarta – People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) Deputy Speaker Jazilul Fawaid on Tuesday said there is a significant gap in land ownership by Indonesian farmers as he claims there is only 1 percent of the Indonesian population controls nearly 68 percent of access to land.

He lamented the government's, agrarian reform that he thinks should target people who really need land spaces.

"So agrarian reform is the first step to show partiality for the common people, especially farmers. Our farmers' access to land is still insignificant" said Jazilul at the Parliament Complex, Jakarta, on September 27.

His argument comes after accommodating a plethora of input from the National Committee for Agrarian Reform (KNPA) during a session with the MPR. The pressing issue related to the injustice in land redistribution remains to be homework for the agrarian reform program to realize.

However, he believes Indonesia will implement a better agrarian reform, sooner or later. The initial step towards that, Jazilul argues, is by commencing it under the TAP MPR No. 9/2001 overseeing Agraria and natural resources management.

"The President has actually issued a Presidential Regulation, however, the implementation is nowhere to be seen," said the MPR Deputy.

6,000 workers, farmers, fishermen, indigenous peoples, and impoverished urban populations who are members of the KNPA held a demonstration at the House of Representatives (DPR) headquarters on Tuesday, September 27. They demand the President straighten the implementation of agrarian reform.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1639267/mpr-deputy-criticizes-agrarian-reform-program-over-zero-implementatio