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Thousands of farmers to stage protest demanding agrarian reform

Tempo - September 23, 2022

Ima Dini Shafira, Jakarta – The Labor Party president Said Iqbal announced that thousands of farmers and laborers are set to stage a protest at the State Palace on Saturday, September 24, 2022, which coincides with National Farmers Day.

"They will urge agrarian reform. In this regard, the Labor Party asks the government to distribute land to farmers so there will be no more farmers who do not own land," Iqbal made a statement on Thursday, September 22.

He explained that the workers support the struggle of farmers in achieving agrarian reform. He also pushed the government to return the people's lands that were taken and controlled by corporations.

In addition, Iqbal called for an end to the criminalization of farmers. The rejection of the omnibus law on job creation is also included in the demands. The law, he added, is not only detrimental to workers but also to farmers.

The protesters will also voice objections to the hike in prices of subsidized fuel. "The increase in fuel prices has caused other prices to soar high which significantly drops people's purchasing power," he said.

Iqbal assessed that the government's decision to raise the prices of fuel amid declining global oil prices was inappropriate. Moreover, a number of other countries could sell the fuel at lower prices.

"So in the farmers' rally at the Palace, we will also firmly reject the increase in fuel prices," he concluded.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1637473/thousands-of-farmers-to-stage-protest-demanding-agrarian-refor