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DPRD blasts Anies Baswedan's 'trivial' hospital name-changing

Tempo - August 4, 2022

Mutia Yuantisya, Jakarta – Jakarta Legislative Council (DPRD) Speaker Edi Marsudi spoke up about the latest policy introduced by the capital city's governor Anies Baswedan who changed the fundamental description of regional general hospitals from rumah sakit to rumah sehat.

To translate it in simple terms, rumah sakit (hospital) literally means home for the ill in Bahasa Indonesia, while the changes he introduced would change the meaning to rumah sehat or home for the healthy.

In response, Marsudi highlighted what he believes to be a trivial issue instead of a substantial one. "[Make something] that can be directly felt by society. Not just simply change names. Yesterday there were street names that were changed and now it is hospitals. Stop making inconsequential policies," said the DPRD Speaker on August 3.

He added that Jakarta Officials should pursue producing breakthrough development or public service programs that are beneficial for city residents. The PDIP Party politician mentioned what he believes to be existing social issues in Jakarta that should be solved soon, such as slowly rising poverty rates and slum areas located in the city center.

"This is Jakarta. Look at Tanah Tinggi, and then Johar (low-economy areas). They need the government to reach them, they need a solution with good programs, not changing names, that's not what the community needs," he said.

The definition of hospitals described as rumah sakit is mentioned under Law No. 4/2009 regarding hospitals.

Anies Baswedan, in launching this program, said the rebranding of hospitals will affect Jakarta-owned general hospitals or RSUD. According to his statement, this policy was initially planned to be introduced two years prior but due to circumstances was postponed.

"We want Jakartans to live healthy and oriented daily lives to be healthier. That's why this naming was done," the governor wrote in his Instagram post on August 3.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1619117/dprd-blasts-anies-baswedans-trivial-hospital-name-changin