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Ministry submits final draft revision of Criminal Code to DPR

Jakarta Post - July 6, 2022

Jakarta – The Law and Human Rights Ministry submitted on Wednesday the government's final draft revision of the Criminal Code after making what it called an improvement to the proposed regulation.

Deputy Law and Human Rights Minister Edward OS Hiariej said the ministry's team had included seven major changes to the draft including revisions to 14 controversial points, adding provisions to make the draft more consistent with existing laws as well as some typo corrections.

"These seven major changes in our effort to improve the draft revision were completed in less than one month," Edward told reporters at the House of Representatives compound on Wednesday.

Despite widespread calls to pause deliberations on the revised Criminal Code so that public concerns can be addressed, the Law and Human Rights Ministry expects the legislation to be "expedited" for passage in the coming months.

Edward said the government was on "a historic mission" to decolonize the current Criminal Code, which is founded on Dutch colonial law.

Separately, deputy chairman of the House Commission III overseeing law and human rights Adies Kadir of the Golkar Party said that commission members would study the draft before consulting with leaders of their political factions.

"We receive this first and then study the draft and then individual factions will submit their opinion. After that, we will make a decision if we can proceed with the next stage of the deliberation," Adies said, quoted by tempo.co.

Source: https://www.thejakartapost.com/indonesia/2022/07/06/ministry-submits-final-draft-revision-of-criminal-code-to-dpr.htm