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Floods inundate 4,550 houses in Bengkulu

Tempo - July 3, 2022

Antara, Jakarta – Floods inundated 4,550 houses in Bengkulu city and three districts in Bengkulu province due to incessant and heavy rainfall over the past few days, according to the province's Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD).

The areas affected by the flood comprised Bengkulu city, Seluma district, Central Bengkulu district, and South Bengkulu district, head of the Bengkulu BPBD's Emergency Response Division, Khristian Hermansyah, informed here on Saturday.

"Seluma district and Bengkulu city are the areas worst affected by the flooding in Bengkulu province," he said.

In Seluma, at least 2,440 houses were flooded and 2,517 families were affected due to rainfall in the district over the past several days.

A number of public facilities were submerged in eight sub-districts in Seluma: Sukaraja, Air Periukan, Lubuk Sandi, South Seluma, Talo Kecil, Ilir Talo, Semidang Alas Maras, and North Seluma.

In Bengkulu city, as many as six mosques, two schools, and two village offices were flooded in five sub-districts, namely Muara Bangkahulu, Sungai Serut, Ratu Agung, Selebar, and Kampung Melayu.

"To help the flood victims in Bengkulu city, the government has built five health posts and two public kitchen posts," he said.

Then, in South Bengkulu district, 33 houses were flooded in Telaga Dalam village, Pino Raya sub-district.

In Central Bengkulu district, at least 273 houses were flooded in Talang Empat sub-district, Pondok Kubang sub-district, Karang Tinggi sub-district, and Pondok Kelapa sub-district.

Currently, the flood waters in some areas of Bengkulu city are starting to recede gradually, allowing vehicles to navigate several roads that were flooded earlier, he added.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1608196/floods-inundate-4550-houses-in-bengkul