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That's a wrap: Police bust alleged prostitution party 'Bungkus Night' at South Jakarta spa

Coconuts Jakarta - June 20, 2022

Police in South Jakarta arrested five people in connection with an alleged prostitution party with a crude theme at an adult spa and massage parlor.

A poster for "Bungkus Night Vol. 2" by the parlor went viral over the weekend, promoting a party that would be "Beyond your wildest sexpetation [sic]" on June 24. The poster makes it immediately clear that sex workers would be present at the party, promising in a misogynistic tone that guests can "Come and bungkus whoever you want" for IDR250K (US16.86), which also entitles them to a room.

Bungkus literally translates to "wrap up," but has common colloquial use referring to taking home a woman.

Amid widespread scrutiny towards the event, police busted the spa and arrested five organizers on charges of distributing pornographic and obscene content online under the Information and Electronic Transactions Act (UU ITE).

"Based on our questioning [of the suspects], what they meant by 'bungkus' was intimate relations," South Jakarta Police Crime Investigation Unit Chief Ridwan Soplanit said today.

And, as the title of the party suggests, police confirmed that Bungkus Night has been held at least once before. Authorities say they are also pursuing people responsible for the first edition of the party.

Police have temporarily shut down the spa until further notice.

Source: https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/thats-a-wrap-police-bust-alleged-prostitution-party-bungkus-night-at-south-jakarta-spa