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Lokataru files judicial review of law on regional head election

Tempo - April 20, 2022

Dewi Nurita, Jakarta – Lokataru Legal and Human Rights Foundation requested a judicial review of Law No. 10 of 2016 concerning the election of governors, regents, and mayors or Pilkada Law to the Constitutional Court.

Lokataru argued that the appointment of acting regional heads to fill the vacant position of regional heads whose office term will end in 2022 and 2023, as regulated in Article 201 paragraph (9), Article 201 paragraph (10), and Article 201 paragraph (11) of Pilkada Law, grants large powers to the government.

"The request for a judicial review of the Pilkada Law is a community effort aimed at preventing the accumulation of enormous power of the government, especially the President and the Minister of Home Affairs," said Lokataru's attorney, Nurkholis Hidayat, in a written statement, Wednesday, April 20.

Nurkholis said it leads to the loss of a healthy and fair political competition space as well as the loss of people's rights to vote, be elected, and participate in realizing a democratic nation.

In addition, he went on to say that the judicial review request was aimed at restoring the check and balance practice in the state power system and restoring the participation and political rights of the community in determining the future of a democratic government and state that upholds the principles of the rule of law and human rights.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1584064/lokataru-files-judicial-review-of-law-on-regional-head-electio