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DPR RI committee proposes splitting Papua into five provinces

Antara News - April 6, 2022

Fauzi, Nabil Ihsan, Jakarta – The House of Representatives (DPR RI) working committee on the harmonization of Papua Province Bill has proposed carving four new provinces out of the existing Papua Province.

"We will complete the academic papers on the regional division matter," DPR RI Secretariat General's Expertise Agency Head Inosentius Samsul informed during the working committee session at the Parliament Complex here on Tuesday.

The working committee session was presided over by DPR RI Legislation Body head Supratman Andi Agtas and attended by Commission II legislators and MPs who proposed the bill.

Samsul informed that the original Papua province would see most of its 29 districts divided between the new provinces, while the remaining regions will be under Jayapura City – which will remain the provincial capital – and Jayapura, Keerom, Sarmi, Mamberamo Raya, and Bintang Mountains districts.

The committee proposed that the northern part of the province be separated to form North Papua Province, with Biak Numfor district as the proposed provincial capital. The province will consist of Waropen, Yapen Islands, Supiori, and Nabire districts.

The committee also proposed the establishment of two landlocked provinces carved from the central part of Papua Province, namely Central Papua and Papua Pegunungan Tengah Provinces.

The proposed Central Papua province will have Timika as the proposed capital and would consist of Puncak Jaya, Paniai, Mimika, Dogiyai, Deiyai, Intan Jaya, and Puncak districts.

Meanwhile, the Papua Pegunungan Tengah would consist of Jayawijaya, Lanny Jaya, Mamberamo Tengah, Nduga, Tolikara, Yahukimo, and Yalimo districts, with Wamena as the proposed capital.

The southern part of the province will be separated to form South Papua Province, which would comprise Merauke, Mapi, Asmat, and Boven Digoel districts, with Merauke as the proposed capital.

Samsul said that the committee would complete the study on the proposed division with the actual conditions in the region.

Meanwhile, Agtas said that some committee members are yet to achieve consensus on the final names and borders of the proposed provinces in Papua.

"We will settle the discussion on the regions tomorrow. We will create the matrix, particularly on the proposed regions and their capitals," the legislation body head said.

Source: https://en.antaranews.com/news/223529/dpr-ri-committee-proposes-splitting-papua-into-five-province