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MUI criticizes new halal certification label shape

Tempo - March 14, 2022

Arrijal Rachman, Jakarta – Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) deputy chair Anwar Abbas criticized the new halal certification mark introduced by the Religious Affairs Ministry's Halal Certification Agency (BPJPH) to replace the current logo from the MUI.

He said the shape of the label is not in accordance with the initial discussion and did not represent national wisdom.

Abbas explained that the label, which must be used nationally starting March 1, 2022, is far different from the initial talks carried out between the ministry and the council.

"In the initial discussion, as far as I know, there are three elements to be shown in the logo, namely the word of BPJPH, MUI, and halal, in which the MUI and halal words are written in Arabic," he said on Monday, March 14.

Besides, the word halal written in Arabic calligraphy tends to be unreadable for ordinary people since the shape is designed by focusing on the artistic side.

Abbas claimed many people contacted him regarding the logo. They said the new logo tends to be Java-centric as it looks like a Wayang Kulit or shadow puppet instead of representing the nation's culture.

The ministry, he opined, was not wise in designing the nationally-used logo. "Personally, of course, I cannot do anything but smile, whether it is a happy smile or a bitter one, interpret it as you like. What's important for me is that the country is safe and peaceful," Abbas said.

The BPJPH Head Muhammad Aqil Irham earlier explained that the purple halal label adapts Indonesian values. The shapes and patterns used are cultural artifacts with unique and strong characteristics that represent Indonesia. Its shape consists of two objects, namely Gunungan or the mountain and the surjan pattern on the pyramid-shaped Wayang Kulit.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1570610/mui-criticizes-new-halal-certification-label-shap