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Naming of ex-Tim Mawar member as Jakarta military commander reaps criticism

Tempo - January 7, 2022

Egi Adyatama, Jakarta – Fayan Siahaan, the father of a victim in the 1997/1998 kidnappings and disappearances of activists, said the appointment of Major General Untung Budiharto as Jakarta Military Commander was a painful present in the new year of 2022. He claimed to have no idea about the decision made by Indonesian Military Commander General Andika Perkasa.

"We wish for good news, but at the beginning of this year we received a painful present," said Fayan at a press conference broadcast via the Youtube channel of the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (Kontras), Friday, January 7.

Fayan is the father of Ucok Munandar, one of the reform activists who was kidnapped in May 1997. He said he was shocked at hearing the news and recalled that he was invited by President Jokowi to the State Palace twice to discuss what happened to his son.

According to Fayan, Jokowi at that time pledged to solve the kidnapping case, bringing hopes for him and the other families of the victims. However, he said Jokowi seemed to be denying his own words by appointing Untung. "Are our expectations too high?" said Fayan.

KontraS condemned the decision of the TNI Commander General Andika Perkasa that appointed Major General Untung Budiharto as Jakarta Military Commander to replace Major General Mulyo Aji.

KontraS assessed that this appointment contradicted human values since Untung Budiharto was a member of Tim Mawar, which was involved in the forced disappearances in 1997/1998 according to the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM).

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1547609/naming-of-ex-tim-mawar-member-as-jakarta-military-commander-reaps-criticis