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Govt continues to fix errors in Pedulilindungi app: KSP

Tempo - January 6, 2022

Antara, Jakarta – The Presidential Staff Office (KSP) has emphasized that the government is continuing to work on revamping the PeduliLindungi application, which has been evaluated as less than optimal.

During a meeting with Kendal district head Dico Ganinduto in Central Java on Wednesday, KSP expert officer Abraham Wirotomo advised the public to remain disciplined in using the PeduliLindungi application.

He said the app is not only intended to prevent COVID-19-positive people from moving outside their home but also make it easy for the government to inform citizens who may not be aware of their proximity to COVID-19 positive people.

Based on monitoring and evaluation by the KSP experts team, which oversees COVID-19 handling efforts in several cities and districts, the use of PeduliLindungi in regions has been found less than optimal, Wirotomo noted.

This is because several technical problems still persist with the PeduliLindungi app, especially in areas with limited Internet access, such as in Kendal district, Central Java, he said.

According to Kendal district head Dico Ganinduto, the use of the PeduliLindungi application in the region was not closely monitored so it did not significantly track the transmission of COVID-19.

"The difficulty is the checking. To ensure the health of visitors in a venue, everyone should have used PeduliLindungi. However, because it is a new app, it often encounters errors," Ganinduto explained.

However, the PeduliLindungi app has helped the government in identifying and detecting infected people through digital location tracking data and information, he added.

The availability of users' location information while traveling makes it easier for the government to monitor and detect the mobility of those exposed to COVID-19 over the previous 14 days, he said.

"What needs to be improved is its assertiveness. It has to be united. If there are public places that are caught not utilizing the PeduliLindungi application, they must be closed," the Kendal district head added.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1547010/govt-continues-to-fix-errors-in-pedulilindungi-app-ks