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Police charge 8 youths who flew Morning Star flag in Jayapura with treason

Kompas.com - December 2, 2021

Dhias Suwandi – Eight youths have been declared suspects on charges of makar (treason, subversion, rebellion) for flying the Morning Star flag at the Cenderawasih Sports Centre in Jayapura city, Papua, on Wednesday December 1.

The Morning Star is a symbol used as a flag by the Free Papua Organisation (OPM).

The initials of the eight suspects are MSY, YM, MY, MK, BM, FK, MP and MW. The majority of them are university students.

The flag raising incident took place on Wednesday afternoon. Prior to holding the action, on November 30 the eight youths held a meeting in the vicinity of Asmara Maro.

The meeting was chaired by MY alias M who acted as the leader of the action and the flag raiser. MY also made the flag and the banner later carried by the suspects.

After flying the flag above the Cendrawasih Sports Centre (GOR), the youths had planned to march to the Papua Regional House of Representatives (DPRD).

Papua regional police public relations division head Senior Commissioner AM Kamal explained that seven of the youths were tasked with flying the flag and marching towards the Papua regional police headquarters (Mapolda) while carrying a banner with the Morning Star drawn on it.

The eighth person meanwhile was tasked with documenting the action and spreading it on social media.'

The eight have been indicted under Article 106 of the Criminal Code (KUHP) in conjunction with Article 110 of the KUHP in conjunction with Article 87 of the KUHP on plotting to commit crimes against state security.

"Currently the eight suspects are being held at the Papua Mapolda detention centre for further legal processing", said Kamal.

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was "Kibarkan Bendera Bintang Kejora di Sebelah Polda Papua, 8 Pemuda di Jayapura Jadi Tersangka Makar".]

Source: https://regional.kompas.com/read/2021/12/02/182200978/kibarkan-bendera-bintang-kejora-di-sebelah-polda-papua-8-pemuda-di-jayapur