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Academics show support to outlaw sexual violence in campuses

Tempo - November 11, 2021

Dewi Nurita, Jakarta – More than 45 academics from a wide array of campuses on Thursday voiced their support for the Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Minister's Act No. 30/2021 on the prevention and handling of sexual violence across campus spaces.

"The issuance of the regulation is a crucial momentum to provide a legal framework in handling cases of sexual violence and along with the rest of the norms that have grown in universities," said Indonesian Caucus for Academis Freedom Coordinator, Dhia Al Uyun on November 11.

Dhia said that sexual violence is a logical implication of unequal power relations, including gender relations in universities. Those who are in a dominant position in power relations are considered to have the privilege to manipulate, frighten and finally subdue the victim.

Sexual violence undermines the dignity of the victim and undermines the function of the university as a place of truth-seeking, "The rules and ethical code on preventing and handling such cases are not just important to protect victims but is also important to build a healthy academic culture that is equal and just," Dhia added.

Dhia believes rejections against this new regulation describes the existence of conservative and rigid views from those who are not able to understand the line between moral norms and violence (which is marked by consent) and refuses to see data on sexual violence on campus is high.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1527363/academics-show-support-to-outlaw-sexual-violence-in-campuse