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Indonesia plans all electric buses by 2030 to reach net zero emission target

Tempo - October 29, 2021

Hedwige, Jakarta – Indonesia is planning to have public transportation buses running on electricity by 2030. The country continues to target net zero emissions in an effort to mitigate climate change consistently and sustainably.

One of them is by electrifying the entire transportation fleet, which is part of the Indonesian National Program to support this commitment. Furthermore, transforming from individual to mass transportation has also become one of things discussed for actualizing the program.

In the online seminar 'Electric Mobility: Future Indonesia Toward Zero Emission Buses In The Cities' held on Thursday, October 28, the Transportation Ministry's director of road transportation, Risal Wasal, said that by 2030, 90 percent of urban mass transportation in Indonesia would be fully running on electricity.

"Of course, the operating necessities such batteries and others are one of the government's challenges in implementing this electric bus [program]," Risal Wasal said at the seminar.

To promote the program, the government is pushing to implement electricity-run buses this year. Outside Jakarta, the implementation will be adjusted to the intervention of the Central Government or Local Government in developing electric public transportation with the Buy The Service (BTS) program scheme, such as the Teman Bus program.

This implementation target is also implemented in 11 areas of the National Tourism Strategy or the 10 "New Bali". Among them are Lake Toba, Mandalika, Labuan Bajo, and Borobudur Temple.

The implementation of electric buses will be adjusted to various analytical specifications and methods that have been submitted by Vinensia Nanlohy, a representative of the Indonesian Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (IDTP).

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1522599/indonesia-plans-all-electric-buses-by-2030-to-reach-net-zero-emission-targe