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'He had no prior offenses': High school teacher faces demotion - and so far nothing more - for groping student's breast

Coconuts Jakarta - October 12, 2021

A high school teacher in North Sulawesi province's South Minahasa regency is getting just an administrative sanction for groping the breast of a student, as seen in photos of the abuse that has gone viral nationwide.

In the photos, the teacher, whose identity has not been disclosed, is seen standing over a female student who was seated at her desk. The teacher then placed his right hand right in front of her chest before going on to grab her breast.

Max Lengkong, who heads the South Minahasa Education Board, confirmed the harassment took place as detailed in the photos. The culprit was identified only as a chemistry teacher at a high school in Motoling district.

Even so, as of this article's publication, the teacher is not facing criminal charges for the harassment out of consideration for what the Education Board deem to be good behavior in the past.

"He had no prior offenses," Max said yesterday. "He will be demoted, so he will no longer be a teacher because he is no longer fit to be a teacher."

It's unclear at this point what position the teacher would hold following the demotion, and whether or not he would continue working in the education sector.

Neither the victim nor her family have spoken out about the incident. The avenue for them to report the harassment to the police is still open.

Source: https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/he-had-no-prior-offenses-high-school-teacher-faces-demotion-and-so-far-nothing-more-for-groping-students-breast