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Police general Napoleon Bonaparte facing 5 years over jail feces assault

Coconuts Jakarta - September 29, 2021

Police general/corruption convict Napoleon Bonaparte may be looking at an additional 5-year sentence for assaulting a fellow inmate with his own poo.

Napoleon shocked and disgusted the nation last week when he reportedly smeared his feces when assaulting alleged blasphemer of Islam Muhammad Kace at the National Police's Crime Investigation Agency (Bareskrim) holding facility in East Jakarta.

The police today announced preliminary findings of their investigation into the incident, concluding that Kace was first assaulted by Napoleon and four other inmates – some of whom are affiliated with hardline Islamic groups – and then again just by Napoleon himself. It's understood that Napoleon smeared his feces on Kace on only one of these occasions.

Napoleon has been charged with assault over the incidents, meaning up to five years and six months could be added to his sentence if he's found guilty. The other four alleged assailants have also been charged.

At least one corrections officer has been identified as a possible accomplice, giving the alleged assailants access to Kace's cell. The officer, who has yet to be charged, reportedly obeyed Napoleon due to the inmate's status as an active police general.

During the investigation, police say Napoleon denied assaulting Kace, contradicting a public statement he made seemingly taking pride in assaulting the alleged blasphemer in the name of Islam.

Napoleon, who headed the National Police's Internal Relations Division in his heyday, was sentenced to four years in prison in March 2021 for receiving billions of rupiah in bribes from infamous corruption fugitive Djoko Tjandra in exchange for taking his name out of Interpol's red notice list.

Kace, meanwhile, may face up to six years in prison for alleged violations of articles on blasphemy and disinformation under the Criminal Code (KUHP) and the Information and Electronic Transactions Act (UU ITE). In a YouTube video that circulated widely in the world's largest Muslim-majority nation, Kace was said to have insulted Prophet Muhammad by implying that the founder of Islam was a disciple of jinn, or supernatural creatures that are broadly understood as demonic spirits.

Source: https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/police-general-napoleon-bonaparte-facing-5-years-over-jail-feces-assault